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Subjects and Qualifications


Each student curriculum is as individualised as possible, with a key focus on the student's academic attainment as well as vocational learning. We want all students to reach their potential through the following timetabled lessons:

GCSE English 
GCSE English Literature (additional) 
GCSE Mathematics 
GCSE Statistics (additional)
GCSE Science 
Level 1 & 2 Child Development
GCSE History
GCSE Geography
Cambridge Nationals Level 1 & 2 ICT
Hair & Beauty
Food Technology
Careers (additional)


Baselining at The Fermain Academy

Here at the Fermain, we baseline pupils in most subjects during their induction. This gives us a better idea of their ability in each subject, giving teachers the opportunity to challenge each pupil. 

Certain subjects use a past GCSE paper to give a good representation of what grade the pupils are currently working at. We also use an online baselining tool for maths and English called BKSB. This involves pupils answering a range of levelled questions, which when completed gives a level and percentage. Pupils are given their results once completed. 

Below is a table, showing how each level equates to each grade in GCSE, as well as the old style GCSE grades. 

For example, Pupil A scores 64% on the Level 1 BKSB test in maths. The table would show that Pupil A would currently be working at a GCSE Grade 2.

% Score Old Style GCSE Grade New Style GCSE Grade Baseline Equivalent
91<100 U U < Entry 3 (85%)
81<90 G 1 Entry 3 (86%) - Level 1 (20%)
71<80 F 1.5 Level 1 (21% - 50%)
61<70 E 2 Level 1 (51% - 80%)
51<60 D 3 Level 1 (81%) - Level 2 (10%)
41<50 C 4 Level 2 (11% - 40%)
31<40 B 5/6 Level 2 (41% - 70%)
21<30 A 7 Level 2 (71% - 93%)
11<20 A* 8/9 Level 2 (94% <)




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