Leading Parent Partnership Award 2019/20


LPPA 2020 23

At The Fermain Academy, we pride ourselves on our strong relationships with the parents, families and carers of our students.

The LPPA Award recognises schools who work in partnership with all parents and carers Increasing parental participation in school life leads to improved pupil progress, punctuality, attendance and behaviour. The framework encourages parents to be involved in their children's learning leading to improved outcomes in all aspects of school life.

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LPPA Progress

 Date      Action
 March 2018  J. Jackson appointed as LPPA Coordinator. 
 June 2018  J. Jackson held meeting for parents and staff to discuss the aims of the LPPA and how staff and parents could get involved in the award.
Jan 2019 The Amy Winehouse Foundation provided a training session about alcohol and substance abuse for parents and staff. 
May 2019 P. Davidson hosted an information session for parents covering E-Safety and steps they can take to encourage their young people to be safe online. 
June 2019 LPPA inspection date was postponed due to unforeseen circumstances. Awaiting a new inspection date. 
Sept 2019

The school’s curriculum information section has been updated on the website. This was in response to feedback from parent comments on induction forms. 

Sept 2019 The LPPA policy was uploaded to the school website for parents to access. 
Nov 2019

New inspection date given – 17th December 2019. 

Nov 2019 New inspection date given – 23rd January 2020 (as previous date coincided with the school being off) 
Nov 2019 Message sent out to remind parents to contact J. Jackson if they want to get involved in the LPPA. 
Dec 2019 Award confirmed.